New Chamberlin 12m Powercat

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Work is progressing well on the new 12 metre powercat also designed by Robin Chamberlin. It will essentially look the same as the 10 metre version, but 2 metres longer. The added length is in the cockpit, the galley and salon area, and some in the bow section. It is also 400mm wider, 100mm on each side deck for easier access to the forward section, and 200mm in the centre of the boat, mainly giving more room in the steering position. There will be a small foredeck with a filled in section forward of the nose cone between the hulls.

The cabin top which also extends over the cockpit was built several years ago to painting stage and has been suspended under the roof of the shed.

Work started full time again in 2012, and progress can be seen in the image gallery.

We are aiming to launch before the end of 2014.

25 September 2014 - Catchcry I was launched at Redland City Marina, Thornlands, Brisbane.